(Non-breeding stock)

Dog’s Name ________________________________________

Buyer hereby agrees to the following terms:

1.  The sum of $__________ for the purchase of one Siberian Husky dog. 

2.  Buyer agrees to provide obedience training. Under NO circumstances may the dog be allowed to run unsupervised in an unfenced area.

3.  Buyer agrees to provide routine vet care of said dog. Which must include a veterinarian recommended immunization and health care program, with heartworm preventative medication.  Said dog should be kept free of parasites. Said dog must undergo a mandatory eye check performed by a veterinary ophthalmologist at age two.   

4.  Buyer agrees to take this dog to a vet within 72 hours of purchase. If the dog is found to be unhealthy in the vet’s opinion, buyer may return said dog, along with vet’s explanation & diagnosis for a full refund.  

5. This guarantee does not apply to or cover any health problem, injury, illness or disease that first occurred or existed after the dog leaves the Breeder’s premises, on or after the date of sale; nor does it cover any costs Buyer incurs, vet costs or otherwise, regardless of when such injury, illness or disease first occurred. 

6.   If buyer moves to a new location, buyer must notify the breeder with the new address and telephone number. 

7.   Sidra Siberians will provide a free Return-Home-Policy for the life of all Sidra Siberians once buyer can no longer provide said home. If a couple splits up, all dogs must be returned to Sidra Siberians until suitable arrangements can be made.  No money will be refunded.  If buyer plans to give said dog to a third party, then this third party must sign the same breeder’s contract before said dog is transferred. Breeder must be notified in advance to make sure that the new home is acceptable.   

8.   Buyer must notify the breeder immediately if said dog goes missing.

9.   Buyer and Breeder have read, and fully understand, and are under agreement with all the terms and conditions of this contract. Failure to comply with any of these clauses entitles seller to repossession of said dog with said dog’s AKC Registration Certificate, signed by buyer. 

10.  Any breach of this contract committed by the buyer can result in damages impossible to calculate. The parties agree to resolve any and all disputes before the Fond du Lac County, WI, Circuit Court.  The losing party will have to pay to the other party all attorney’s fees, court costs and any other related charges incurred by the prevailing party. This contract shall be binding upon the parties thereto and their heirs, successors, and assigns.

Breeder/Seller Signature _____________________________    Date ___________

Buyer Name (Please Print) _____________________________

Buyer Signature ________________________________    Date ___________

Address _______________________________________________________

Phone Number ________________    E-mail ___________________________

Name of Contact ________________________________________________

Phone Number ________________    E-mail ___________________________


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