"Khloe Ann"

A Sidra Siberian is not just a good dog!      Because she passed the rigorous Canine Good Citizen test demonstrating good manners, Khloe Ann, as a CGC doggie, is welcome at public places such as schools, nursing homes,and hospitals.  She is pictured modeling the bandana she must wear on her visits.

This is URO1 Sidra's Khloe Ann Brendel BN, NA, RA, THD, WPD, CGC, TDIA pictured after placing first with a perfect score of 100 points at the 2009 SHCTC Specialty Novice B Rally Trial.  Cute, sweet, AND smart! A typical Sidra Siberian!

Take a peek at pictures of some Sidra Siberians in their new homes.

"Aspen” & “Kaya"

"Kaya,” “Nikki” & “Aspen"

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Hooch mushes with the team from Door County Sled Dogs.  He is pictured meeting people and giving them kisses and rides at Franklin’s Whitnall Park.

"Tracker” & friends “Woofy," “Storm,” & “Thunder”

"Tracker” & friends “Santa" & “Woofy”

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Pampered Pets In Their New Digs

Khloe Ann and her mom love to exercise together.  A device called WalkyDog® attaches to the bike and gives Khloe Ann the chance to run as her mom attempts to pedal at the perfect rate of speed.    

Khloe Ann loves doing Agility.

Khloe Ann makes Therapy Dog visits twice a month.  She loves getting pats and giving kisses!

Click HERE to watch Hooch (he’s white, wearing the blue harness) and the rest of the DCSD team in action!

Hooch (bottom left sleeping dog) enjoys summer vacation in Door County with the rest of the sled dog team. 

“Khloe Ann” & her friends “Duncan” and “Gibson.”

Here’s Hooch (back left) in action with his buddies on the DCSD team! 

Khloe Ann earned her third leg, a 1st place finish, and her Novice Agility Title at the Marshfield Area Kennel Club Trial on February 20, 2011!  Click here to see more pictures of her quest for the NA Title. 

Hooch (first white dog)   finds no traffic on Milwaukee’s Capitol Drive after the 2011 Groundhog’s Day blizzard.  Perfect conditions for a sled ride!

Khloe Ann earned her Working Pack Dog title by hiking 40 miles while carrying a backpack.  Click here to see her journey.      

Non-toxic food coloring turns Hooch into a show-stopper at a local parade!

"Nikki” & “Akira" & “Aspen”

Khloe Ann earned her third leg, a 3rd place finish, and her Beginner Novice Obedience Title at the Oshkosh Kennel Club Trial on July 17, 2011!   

Hooch and his buddy, Cool Dog, enjoy the view from the window seat!


"Max" at Pet Blessing

"Max" and friend “Nanuck”